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Finally…Great News for Renters!

Thanks to Title VII – Protecting Tenants at Foreclosing Act, tenants no longer have to worry about ‘get out now’ notices. They are now given a 90-day period to make other living arrangements. This is great news! Although this has always gone on, with the mortgage crisis in this country countless renters have found themselves out in the street with nowhere to go, scratching their heads. Many had faithfully paid their rent and had no idea an eviction was coming. Many have lost some of the rent money they paid as some of these home owners in foreclosure just pocketed the money. But those days are over.

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Important Benefits of Owning Your Own Home versus Renting

APAT Real Estate Settlement Services’ nationwide professional team of Mobile Public Notaries would like to share with you some of the many benefits of owning your home, in comparison to renting. In actuality, there are so many benefits that we are unable to go over all of them in this article; so we will highlight some of the most important benefits for now:

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