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8 Ways to Increase Your Notary Business

Working for signing and title companies are the largest part of your business. So make sure you are doing the small things that have huge payoffs.

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Top 7 Business Practices for Notaries

In order to effectively maintain your current client list while also working to expand it and keep your business thriving, it is imperative you adhere to some primary principals to keep you focused, on track and constantly moving at full steam: Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Never take on more assignments than…

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Grow Your Notary Business with These Six Must Have Marketing Resources

I often get calls from notaries asking for me to send them more business.  I then find that many of them are relying only on notary sites as their only form of marketing.  Notary sites can be beneficial, yes.  After all they are either free or have nominal fees. They also have forums that allow…

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