About the APAT Blog

The APAT Blog is intended to be an information portal for anyone in the Real Estate Industry. Whether you are a Mortgage Broker, a Title Company, a Mobile Real Estate Attorney, or a Mobile Notary Public, this blog can provide you with some insights into current trends, latest news, and updated information on APAT Real Estate Settlement Services.

My goal is to deliver precise information about all facets of the Real Estate Industry and the processes within. I want to constantly shed light on why Notary Signing Agents and Mobile Attorneys are the future in providing quality service for both borrowers and clients.

I also want to prove why APAT Real Estate Settlement Services is different from other mobile closing companies. We not only feature our best notaries and focus on who our clients are, but we are the only Notary Network that will provide Training, Coaching, and Certification for both new and experienced Notaries. This program is about to be released, allowing us to be extremely progressive in positioning our Notaries with proper information and training that will keep them ahead of their competition.

As the Founder of APAT Real Estate Settlement Services, I want everyone to see how passionate I am about my position to help both clients and Notaries alike to grow their businesses successfully. That is the main reason I set up this blog.

A blog is a two-way communication portal. I am not interested in just presenting information and training. I am interested in doing that and receiving feedback at the same time. I need your input to ensure I am fulfilling needs that you have. Without your communication, I can’t be as effective.

Please make this blog your blog as well and enjoy commenting and sending us your ideas on what you would like to see featured.

To Your Success,
Nicole Mickle