APAT Goes Green and Saves Some Green–with Paypal!

A little known fact:  In the mortgage industry, it is an extreme challenge to save on paper in order to help the planet and reduce operating costs.  The mortgage/real estate industry is bulging with the printing and physical signings of mortgage documents.  Getting around this is very limiting.

While there have been a few ecological changes in our industry, such as the introduction of eSignings and eClosings which allow signatures to be produced online and transmitted directly to the mortgage or title company, there still has to be certain paper documents for follow-up.  These eSignings and eClosings are only portions of the entire document package.  So while it has reduced the amount of paper needed, and has definitely made an impact in that regard, we still need to do more.

So I challenged myself to think of ways for APAT Real Estate Services to reduce the printing of paper, be more efficient and save money.  The last things I want to do are skim on services or reduce staff or something of that nature.  So I looked to Web solutions…and I found a great one!

While I am already using new software to track and service closings more efficiently, I felt I could still do more.  This software allows a full track record of the closing transaction. It includes what time the loan is scheduled and full details of who the notary is, etc.  It even sends the notary a detailed confirmation with fee and instructions while allowing us to delete the requirement of sending an invoice.   The notary is now only required to send a signed HUD and a W9 for payment.  Everything from social security numbers to other confidential information is stored on a completely secured site and printing is no longer necessary.  So with one software program, APAT reduced the printing of paper and printing costs, streamlined a comprehensive process to be much more efficient and offered online security to notaries, lenders and borrowers.

So, what’s our new green integration?  In a word:  PayPal!  This is a benefit for both APAT and the notaries and lawyers that work with us.  With PayPal, I no longer have to pay for printing checks (paper checks, paper envelopes, printer ink and electricity) or postage (which keeps going up).  Considering I do payroll weekly, this is not only saving a great deal on expenses, but it is a great time saver for me, leaving me more time to concentrate on clients.  Plus, with PayPal, payment is immediate.  As soon as I click the button, the money is in the PayPal account it needs to be.  No more waiting on snail mail to deliver.

While we are very excited about this ideal move to PayPal, we will stay on the lookout for more ways to go green and save some green.  As always, we are open to suggestions.  Shoot me an email with any you may have:  Nicole at APAT

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