5 Simple Steps to a Successful Mortgage Closing

I have always been an advocate of systems and procedures.  The same is true when it comes to how Mobile Signing Agents handle mortgage loan closings.  By establishing a signature closing process, you build confidence and trust with your clients.  You prove to them that they can count on you to complete their closing error free.  You will become the Notary they depend on.

 Here are 5 Simple Steps to follow to ensure you produce a successful mortgage closing, once you have received the order:

  1.   Review the order confirmation.  Be thorough and make sure you have a listing of all parties who are scheduled to sign.  You must also have their addresses and phone numbers.
  2.   Confirm and schedule.  First, be sure that it is appropriate to confirm. Some companies DO NOT want you to call the borrower at all, not even in the case of there being no driver’s license copy or other form of ID, incorrect cashier check amounts, original death certificate, and the like.
  3.  Email follow up.  For each action that takes place, be sure to follow up with an email advising that is was done.  This is especially important when you have received changes to the original order.  You need to not only respond that the changes have been received and are being adhered to, but you need that email as a paper trail for you to prove that you were asked to do the changes in the first place.
  4.  Map out the closing location and have equipment ready.  The next to the last thing you want to be is late.  The last thing you want to be is late and without the proper equipment.  Be sure to have your drive time prepared by first knowing where you are going and how long it will take you.  Always give yourself extra time.  Also – have your equipment ready.  Be sure your printer is ready and in your vehicle and ensure all computer downloads are good and ready to go.   You should always use a backup system of some sort to be able to perform these tasks as quickly as possible.  You could literally get the docs in as little as an hour before the closing time – so be ready!
  5.  Get proper signatures and follow the confirmation instructions.  Always, always, always, make sure you have proper, legal signatures everywhere they are supposed to be and then confirm with your client when done.  Most of the time you will be advised of who to contact and how to confirm that the closing is complete, if any particulars occurred at the closing, and/or if the closing has been delayed and why.  Also, always include the tracking number in your communications.

 Following these 5 Simple Steps will help you to receive repeat business from each client you do this with and many others, as word-of-mouth will start to travel.  Set yourself apart from other Notaries by being efficient, professional, thorough – and dependable.

One Response to 5 Simple Steps to a Successful Mortgage Closing
  1. Patricia A. (Pat) Manatt
    October 16, 2009 | 9:37 pm

    These five steps are the key to being a top notch signing agent, managing a successful notary signing agent business and GROWING your business.

    I wish I had all these pointers when I started out. Nicole makes our job so easy by compiling all this information and sharing it.

    It is my pleasure to be affiliated with APAT Real Estate Settlement Services and I hope to continue to grow side by side with with Nicole.